Call it a play of words in order to engage your immediate attention. If you are alert online, you may spot a headline discrepancy. The utilization of ‘intelligence’ has already been applied so many times on the internet for a variety of reasons and continues to conjure numerous meanings. It is also often associated with the new paradigm of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) on a daily basis now, so much so that it could be deemed redundant or a bit of an overstated cliché.

But out there on the everyday busy road traffic networks, it is an entirely different story altogether. Regular road usage remains a dangerous affair, no matter how alert you are as an individual user. No matter how sophisticated and proactive your networks and municipal services are, respectively, it can never be a perfect science. But fortunately, there is always something extra that can be done. It can be a case of always, and necessarily, pushing the boundaries, but legally so.

Legal road use is necessary in order to ensure safety and minimum disruption. Now, some of these ongoing disruptions are also, unfortunately, quite necessary. And this is where intelligant work zones visibly come into the picture. Road re-construction may be under way, or a new business development impacting on road traffic can be under way. But in order to ensure everyday commercial progress continues, it is not possible to shut down road traffic lanes.

To compensate and to ensure that regular road traffic remains as safe as possible, legislated and designated traffic control companies, for instance, are provided with the best ‘intelligent’ equipment possible. These are your portable and durable road traffic signs which are always clearly visible and responsibly and professionally monitored and handled.