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Tips For Getting Partner Visa in Australia

Tips For Getting Partner Visa in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country, and thousands of people flock there each year to enjoy the exotic, sunny climate, carefree lifestyle, and bustling metropolis. In Australia, any individual over 18 years old and who has been in a relationship with an Australian or permanent resident for over two years can apply for this visa and if you need assistance, you can get from Ascent Lawyers. That means that it is possible for homosexual couples and heterosexual couples who are not living together to obtain a partner visa in Australia. Here are some simple tips for getting partner visa in Australia.

Make sure your partner is eligible

An applicant for a partner visa must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen parent who is either living overseas or a permanent resident of Australia. If you are an Australian citizen, your family members will also be considered for the new visa.

Consider using your work permit

If you want to obtain a partner visa, you must first apply for a work permit before the application process can continue. That includes obtaining a temporary worker’s visa before applying. Your employer must give you written permission to come to Australia on the new visa and sign up with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Choose the Right Marriage Visa Class

You cannot just apply for a partner visa as you would with a student visa, let alone any other visa classification. To be eligible for a partner visa, the marriage must occur between two Australian citizens or permanent residents in Australia. The marriage must be valid under state and federal law (Australia has specific religious accommodations and does not have a standard marriage). You should also meet the minimum legal age requirement to get married in Australia and be able to provide a certified marriage certificate.

Present Proof of Financial Sustainability

All applicants will have to prove they are financially sustainable. The applicants cannot rely on their Australian partner for financial support as it is not permissible. So, you have to have enough income from employment, investment, or business income (if you do have one).

If you are working as an employee, you can provide bank statements and tax returns for the last two years if you are working as an employee to offer proof of your financial stability and income. If you are not working, you can show proof of savings or investment that provides you with income of at least 120% of your total net income or 120% of the average net income over the last two years. The requirements are somewhat low based on the current standard. For example, if the applicant and their partner earned a total income of $20,000 per year, they will have to have savings or investments that provide for a minimum of $6,000 per year.

Get Professional Assistance if you have any concerns

You may still have some issues with achieving your partner visa. As a result, you should consult a professional if you have any doubts or concerns about making your application successful. Many immigration consultants offer services such as general advice and visa applications. They will be able to ascertain what is required to make your partner visa application successful and guide you through the process. The immigration consultants will assist in person, via email or telephone, and at an agreed meeting point such as an office or home.

One of the most instrumental international destinations is Australia, which attracts students and workers worldwide. The Australian Government provides a temporary residence visa that enables an Australian citizen’s spouse or domestic partner, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to migrate to Australia. Aside from migrating, you can also best enjoy other things offered by the place and you can get some ideas here.

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